October 23rd, 2013


FACEBOOK: We have joined Facebook to link our friends, neighbors, and customers! Stay in touch with us to hear about: General Shop Information, Racing Updates, 4-Wheeling Adventures, Motorcycle Trips, Local Community Events, And More!

May 15th, 2002


ATASCADERO HIGH SCHOOL: Certificate of Appreciation for participation in the Work Experience Program.

November 7, 1994


BAYWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: A Special Thanks to Jim's Automotive for their donation and support of Baywood Elementary's Annual Bear Country Fair.

September 12, 1991


THE SUN BULLETIN: Morro Bay auto shop owners unite to implement recycling program. In an effort to help protect the environment, we aggressively recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, waste coolant, waste oil, & used oil filters to limit the amount of trash in our landfills & improve ground water quality.


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