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Tacoma in for 90K service, expected $300 bill...

Phil - Cayucos, CA


Brought my Tacoma in for 90K service, expected $300 bill because front/rear differential oil change for the 4x4. Was surprised to get the call from Robert saying they checked it all out and did't do the oil, because it didn't need it. He sai it looked excellent and would eventually need to be replaced--they'd look again at the next 30K service. How about that for ethics and integrity? I have so much respect for this shop! thanks again guys!

Helping my daughter with her Nissian Xterra

Tim T. - Fishers, IN


My daughter's 06 Exterra broke down as she was leaving Morro bay to make a trip north on the coastal highway. She called me with "what do I do?" I found Jim's on the web, called in, and explained the situation to Ray. Her Xterra was towed in and they spent 1 1/2 hours or more diagnosing the problem and then contacted the Nissan dealer in San Luis Obispo where a recall issue was the problem. Ray charged nothing for his and the mechanics diagnostic time and labor. I only wish I could find such kindness and honesty in a mechanic here in Indiana. As a father, I thank God that He has people out there Like Ray who look after my daughter when I am not there to do it. Wish I lived out there for more reasons than just the honest car service ! Love the area.

One of the finest shops

Robert G. - Westwood, CA


This is one of the finest shops we have ever been into for service. John, the mechanic, was really knowledgable. Personnel outstanding. Will return in the fall.

Professional shop

Dennis M. - Los Osos, CA


I've never been in a more professional shop. I was kept up to date at every step of the repair and received clear explinations of all work performed.

Great shop!

Luis E. - Morro Bay, CA


Excellent, dependable, honest repair shop - Thanks for approving them (AAA).


Joanne H. - Cayucos, CA

Need room for more stars!!!

Bob F. - Bakersfield, CA


Owner was very courteous + helpful in explaining what he did to the car. All records go in computer. Excellent idea. I was from out of town + he took my car immediately.

An outstanding facility

Ronald M. - Los Osos, CA

The Best

James B. - Morro Bay, CA


Best automotive repair shop that I have dealt with in my 55 years of driving!!!

Couldn't be happier

Sid B. - Morro Bay, CA


We have used Jim's Automotive for years. We recommend them every time we have a chance to. We could not be happier with the great service.

These people are knowledgable, honest

John S. - Los Osos, CA


Michael B. - Los Osos, CA


Jim's Auto, Morro Bay, remains the most honest, courteous auto repair facility I have ever dealth with.

VERY honest



This garage is great! the folks are VERY honest - do NOT do extra work that DOESN'T need doing - I trust them and they have taken good care of our cars!

Terrific Service!

J. O. - Los Osos, CA


Nice people. Highly Recommended

First Class

John S. - Los Osos, CA


These folks are first class - knowledgable, ethical, professional, honest!!

An excellent shop

Ray M. - Buckley, CA


Would recommend to all

Highly recommended

Joyce M. - Morro Bay, CA


I just moved to area and this shop was highly recommended. I was very satisfied.


Mary F. - Morro Bay, CA


Very courteous, Helpful & friendly with a senior citizen like me

Fair Price

Alida N. - Morro Bay, CA


Courtesy and fair price for work done


Julie S. - Los Osos, CA


The people are very knowledgable, very pleasant, do good work. Can't think of anything to complain about!

Total Confidence

Laurie V. - Cambria, CA


It's rare nowadays to find a garage where you have total confidence - I have that with Jim's

Problem Solvers

Mike A. - Morro Bay, CA




Doris W. - Morro Bay, CA


Top quality work + excellent customer relations - absolutely honest!!


Helen B. - Morro Bay, CA


I have been a customer of John's at Jim's Automotive for 22 years

Fine people

Joe Z. - M.B., CA


Real good work & service


Maureen L. - Morro Bay, CA


Jim's has always been excellent - I highly recommend them to anyone needing car repair.


Jeff B. - San Luis Obispo, CA


So far I have only had oil change, filter, lube service. I like the way they give an overall check to the car. Also, being an official AAA service place is the factor that keeps me going there. They also work on foreign cars and mine is a Toyota.


Edna F. - Morro Bay, CA


I'm delighted to have found Jim's Automotive here in Morro Bay where I will be living

Best on the Central Coast

Roger E. - Morro Bay, CA


Emory A. - Los Osos, CA


Over several years I believe they are honest and dependable


Mary S. - Atascadero, CA


I am so please with Jim's Automotive. Finally after a lot of years, I found someone I can trust!

They're the best!

John J. - Morro Bay, CA


Robert G. - Morro Bay, CA


Have used this facility for the past 6 years and have always been very pleased.

Capable garage

Wonda W. - Cayucos, CA


It is a delight to have an honest capable garage in the area.